One foot in front of the other...

I'm Yvonne - 28 - Married to my best friend Joe for 6.5 years, together nearly 11 years now. We live just outside of Nashville Tennessee and run our own business. Our son was born October 8th, 2013!


I'm now on the journey to get to a healthier and slimmer ME!


Goal weight 155

1/1 SW: 196


We were TTC #1 since January 2010. We've had 2 losses, one November 17, 2010 & December 21, 2012 and a chemical September 30, 2012.

Introducing the Bug!

I’m measuring at 7w2d which is pretty accurate based on my ovulation. I’m ok with being “behind” what I thought I was based on LMP. Heart rate was a wonderful 146 bpm!!!

  1. impatientlywaiting12 said: Yay!! I’m so happy for you :)
  2. ramblingsofasortadomesticgoddess said: So happy for you!!!!! Heartbeats are the BEST!!!
  3. aquosity said: Is it weird for me to be so ridiculously excited and happy for you! You’ve got a sweet little baby in there! Happy days lovely one :) xoxo
  4. twinkleinoureyes said: Wow, what a great picture! Congrats!!
  5. oneofourown said: SO happy for you!!!!! Stick in there Bug, your momma has been waiting a long time for you!! *Hugs*
  6. growingourlittlefamily said: Can I like this a million times, PLEASE???
  7. becomingamommy said: omg yay im so happy for you!
  8. sa2ahbobarah said: Ahhh! Congrats! Your bug is adorable :)
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