One foot in front of the other...

I'm Yvonne - 28 - Married to my best friend Joe for 6.5 years, together nearly 11 years now. We live just outside of Nashville Tennessee and run our own business. Our son was born October 8th, 2013!


I'm now on the journey to get to a healthier and slimmer ME!


Goal weight 155

1/1 SW: 196


We were TTC #1 since January 2010. We've had 2 losses, one November 17, 2010 & December 21, 2012 and a chemical September 30, 2012.


I’m doing a TTC Giveaway with the rest of my TTC stash! There will be 4, yes FOUR, winners! They are as follows: (1) 23 opks & 7 hpts. (1) 24 opks & 7 hpts. (2) 24 opks & 6 hpts.

I will write down your tumblr url one time for a like and one time for a comment on this post. This post only. You get 2 entries!

I will put all the names in a bowl and I will do a video blog post picking the winners.

You can only win once since I want to spread the love around, with two entries it increases your chances!

Reblogs do not count as an entry, I know excessive reblogging of giveaways gets annoying, if you want to reblog to share it- that’s ok, just be courteous to others.

You MUST be following my blog since this is for my followers! Yes you can follow and enter the contest. Whether you decide to stay after the contest is over is totally up to you, I don’t get butthurt if anyone decides to leave :)

I’m going to hold this contest until Friday February 22nd at 5pm Tennessee time! I’m an hour behind the east coast. This contest is for anyone, anywhere. I’ll ship it to you, you do need to provide your name and address so I can send these to you!

I’m going to double check my settings so that you all can submit a comment to this post so give me a few seconds.

And…… GO!

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