One foot in front of the other...

I'm Yvonne - 28 - Married to my best friend Joe for 6.5 years, together nearly 11 years now. We live just outside of Nashville Tennessee and run our own business. Our son was born October 8th, 2013!


I'm now on the journey to get to a healthier and slimmer ME!


Goal weight 155

1/1 SW: 196


We were TTC #1 since January 2010. We've had 2 losses, one November 17, 2010 & December 21, 2012 and a chemical September 30, 2012.

My stomach is out of control.

Much of this is obviously bloat, but this is just insane.

When I found out I was pregnant I was 173, I had gained some after/during my last loss at Christmas time. When I got to the doctors a week and a half later I was 168. I’m now fluctuating at 172 and 175. My stomach DOES stick out farther now though.

My Mom said she can notice it, she also said she always showed very early. I’ll be 9 weeks tomorrow, I’m so happy I’ve gotten so far. I can’t wait until I no longer need to take my progesterone. I think I have enough until 11 weeks. That’s all my insurance would cover.

Two more weeks!!!

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